DO You Speak Bride Virtual Stylist Summit

Want to come to the Atlanta Summit, but you can't pull away from your shoppe??  What if you could attend virtually??

For this Summit, you can -- we will be offering our Atlanta Stylist Summit on Monday, December 10th, in a virtual format via private webinar!  AND, just in case we face dropped internet connection or technical glitches, we will be recording it separately as a backup (because you never know)!! 

Your whole team can get training without LEAVING your store -- which, of course, means NO travel costs, NO hotel arrangements, NO Ubers, and NO expensive meals out!  We are bringing the Summit to you, so you can save money while gearing up to make money this busy season! :)

We are less than a week away from the jumpstart you need to have your team Speaking Bride more fluently than ever, as we move into Christmas and the influx of brides that you know is headed your way!! :)  Maximize every appointment you have this season by making sure your stylists are ready!