Stylist Summit

Don't miss these incredible, jam-packed Seminars, where Master Stylist, Speaker, Coach and Shoppe Owner, Wendy Rivera teaches her step by step method to closing Brides through the mastery of the Language of Bride!! She will be teaching, demonstrating, and even working one-on-one!! 

What to Expect

  • Hours of training, exercises, panels, demos and more!
  • Come ready to learn how to navigate every treacherous turn in Bride Country! Navigate the Curves, Mom Mountain, and the Cliffs of the Crowds!
  • Learning Wendy's revolutionary methods of building a team out of a large party, leading the bride, facilitating life moments, and techniques for effective follow-up!
  • Wendy's unique approach to closing brides on their first time in the boutique is a MUST-see for every shoppe owner and stylist!
  • Bring your questions, and enjoy a full hour of Q&A with Wendy, addressing any issue that you are facing in your boutique.
  • New Boutiques and Seasoned Veteran Boutiques alike will come away refreshed, renewed in their vision and re-energized to surge forward in their own personal voice as an independent Bridal Boutique!
  • Leave with a notebook full of information to help you reach your goals, close more brides, and form a culture in your shoppe that you can train any and all of your stylists to be masters of Speaking Bride!

Interested in Attending a Stylist Summit?



From now until December 29th, 2017, we are accepting submissions for you to win STYLIST OF THE YEAR!! The first submission is totally FREE! Our gift to you for attending the summit and being AMAZING! Be sure to follow along on Facebook for further updates - to include additional ways to enter AND winner announcement. Facebook : DO YOU SPEAK BRIDE

SO HOW DO I ENTER? Please submit the following ~

1. A letter from your boutique owner where you style. (Please upload your video to YouTube and include the link below in the additional information section. Feel free to used the unlisted setting within YouTube)

2. A Video from your owner/manager about YOU. (Please upload your video to YouTube and include the link below in the additional information section. Feel Free to use the unlisted setting within YouTube)

3. A Video from YOU on why you love to be a stylist - favorite memory of helping a bride? What do you want brides to know about their time with you?

4. BONUS!!! Actual reviews from brides you have helped! 

Please use : Stylist of the Year Application and your Name
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