Prom Breakout Sessions

1. How to Hype a High Schooler

Ever ask yourself why it seems harder to engage prom customers now more than ever?  Learn how being raised in a fully digital age impacts their communication and attention.  Bridge this gap, convert them into customers and take back profit in prom.

2. Pop-Up Positives and Negatives

It’s a new trend in prom, set up a temporary location for prom shoppers outside of your store.  For the past year, our team has experimented with this concept and we’ll walk you through the steps to be successful (and we’ll tell you what NOT to do).

3. So You Want to Sell Online?  

Join us for an industry leaders panel of successful brick and click operations who have launched online and NOT settled for a sprinkling of orders.

4. Seasonal Staffing Solutions

Learn how some of the top prom stores assemble their seasonal team, efficiently and effectively train staff and even keep them year after year!  

5. Master the Seasonality of Digital Marketing for Prom

How do you utilize digital marketing to 'prime the pump' and thus maximize sales during this critical fast and furious prom shopping season?  Learn SEO strategies that will actually impact your seasonal business.

6. The New Prom Experience

Lose your frustrations and embrace updated techniques to overcome objections, close the sale and deliver a FOMO worthy experience.

7. Prom Buy 2020 - Crush it!

The strategy of buying prom to be profitable.  Whether you’re a mega prom store or a small boutique, we’ll share an innovative way to look at your prom inventory purchase to focus on increasing profitability.