New Store/ New Owner Breakout Sessions

This track will focus on beginner bridal education for all stores, with a focus on new stores/new ownership.


Traffic Building Basics 

The old saying of - if you build it, they will come, doesn’t apply to bridal.  Building a bridal business (or maintaining a bridal business) takes a multi-faceted approach. We’ll look at all the avenues to bring brides into your stores AND where to look when you’re down in business.


Store Health Report Card

Ever wonder WHAT your numbers should look like?  Want to know how you compare to other stores in the industry?  Are you looking for clear goals to tackle with your store numbers?  See for the first time, custom reports and tools to guide your store into a healthy grade.


Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing

Learn a starter digital marketing strategy that drives immediate, measurable and scalable business growth.  Learn which website platforms will work best for YOUR business. Get a clear understanding of how to rank on search engines for all of your services.


Mastering Market Buys

Learn HOW to prepare for a market and follow a budget.  Which lines to continue with and what lines should be cut.  Follow these steps throughout the year so you’ll be confident at market!  


Full Transparency 

Hear the highs and lows of owning a bridal store first hand from new owners over the past 3 years.  Learn what to expect, how to tackle challenges and finding success through it all.  


Store Philosophy

Your story is not the designers you carry!  The recipe for success requires all the ingredients - and your story is a main ingredient.  Learn how to curate, share and brand your story in all media platforms.