Couture Breakout Sessions


The Allure of Couture -

It’s the dream of many, owning a couture bridal store.  Learn how to start/build a couture bridal business successfully.

Hug Your People, Build Your Tribe

Learn how to reward, train and educate your team to become one of the most successful couture stores.


Selling to the Couture Bride

While all brides speak the language of bride, success in couture can be tricky.  We’ll talk through what you need to bring into appointments to close the couture bride.

How to Partner with Couture Designers

Ways to partner and get on the radar of some of the top couture designers in the industry! Don’t miss this panel with some of the hottest up and coming designers.

Mastering Marketing to the Couture Bride

Couture brides make up a small percent of the bridal population.  We’ll walk you through finding and attracting couture brides to your store.  

The 5 Hour Turnaround

What’s the best use of your time?  Where should you be focusing your attention?  How can you achieve a work life balance you love?  Give us 5 hours a week…check out this can’t miss breakout!


Crafting Your Couture Story

Your story is not the designers you carry!  The recipe for success requires all the ingredients - and your story is a main ingredient.  Learn how to curate, share and brand your story in all media platforms.