A Letter from Debra's owner/manager: 

I proudly nominate Debra Farmer (aka Bday!) to be Stylist of the year! But first, a story… When Bday started working at Bombshell, she had lots of jobs around the shop, but working with brides was NOT one of them. She had no previous sales experience, and she had never worked in a bridal shop before, and she found herself working at Bombshell simply because she was my aunt. She would greet customers, steam and bag gowns, tag new inventory, dust and clean etc, until one day when she asked me if she could take a bridal appointment. I was very hesitant to say yes, because I didn’t want to “waste” a precious bridal appointment on a brand new person who had never worked with a bride before. However, to my surprise, she sold to that bride! And to the next, and the next. After selling a dozen or so brides, it became apparent that this wasn’t a fluke, and she truly had a gift for connecting with brides. It had nothing to do with sales strategy or closing tactics, she simply connected with each and every bride so deeply, that a sale naturally followed. This completely changed the way we ran our shop from that point on. She was teaching us to “speak bride” long before we ever met Wendy, and we didn’t even know it. When we finally DID meet our Wendy, it was like finding a friend from back home who speaks your language. About our Bday: Debra connects with her brides on a deeply personal level, so personal that she becomes their family after the appointment is finished. She has been invited to several weddings, birthdays and even baby showers! Her brides come into the shop just to talk to her, years after their wedding day! She is so special to her brides, that they can’t bear to part with her once the wedding is over. Debra has had more than her share of heartbreak and trauma, but she has never let it make her jaded or hard. She has endured unspeakable things, but instead of letting it defeat her, she instead came out the other side stronger, sweeter, more empathetic and understanding. Her personal hardships gave her all the necessary tools to feel with her brides, and champion for them. She inspires me every day, to be the best version of myself, because if she can do it, all of us can. She has never been a “sales” person, and never will be. She always has the best interest of the bride in her heart, and does whatever it takes to help the bride get exactly what she wants. I am so proud and honored to have her in my shop! Her closing ratio for the last 6 months is 97% and she is never below 85% even in our slowest months! Her incredible numbers are a result of her heart for her brides. It is never about the sale for her, it is only about making sure every one of her brides gets at least one fantastic shopping experience, whether she buys at Bombshell or not. For Debra, speaking bride is her native tongue, and we have all learned so much from her. She is such a joy to be around, and such a ray of sunshine! She is always encouraging the other stylists, and never has a negative thing to say. In the 4 years she has been at Bombshell, she has sold to over 600 brides, herself alone. Yes, you read that right, 600 brides! Working with brides is so much more than a job to her, it’s her true calling. I can honestly say without any doubt, that she is one of the biggest reasons for our success as a shop. She “speaks bride” instinctively, and she inspires the rest of us to do it as well, every day. Every one of the ladies on my staff are wonderful, amazing women, but our Bday is the glue that holds us all together as a family. So, I may be biased in thinking that our Debra is the perfect candidate for the very first ever “Stylist of the Year,” but she truly is an amazing woman and bridal stylist. No matter the outcome, we’ve all had so much fun putting this nomination together, and it’s given each and every one of us an opportunity to celebrate her as such a cherished member of our staff. I’m certain that there are lots of awesome stylists that deserve this award, and I am so grateful that I have one of them


<3 Amanda Owner of Bombshell Bridal

Reviews from Bday's brides 

From The Future Mrs Love ~

I drove 5 hours back to my hometown just to come to this store. After several failed attempts at finding a dress, I was discouraged. UNTIL Debra welcomed me with open arms and boosted my self esteem the whole day. Every dress I tried on I loved; I felt beautiful and special. Debra kept saying how beautiful I looked, I could pull any off any dress, which i believed I could! And Amanda, I love her sassy, yet so kind personality. It was nice knowing someone else has been through what I was going through I am forever a Bombshell Bride, and I found my dress on Valentine's Day!