Meet Christen

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Tackling all things Lead generation and digital Marketing…

Name: Christen Schneider

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Business: Christen Schneider

How she helps DYSB stores: Christen is our go to person for websites, funnels, lead magnets, email sequences, and anything else you do online to build your relationship 1-on-1 with brides. She’s a big believer in getting your brand message down first and then fitting all the strategy and tech in around that.

Her bridal background: Christen started out as a designer. In the midst of her switch from custom to wholesale, she learned a lot. Especially that the independent bridal designer scene was a confusing and disconnected place! She founded Wed Altered and set about changing that. She built up a community of hundreds of designers and found herself spending more time teaching and consulting and planning than designing. That’s when she made the choice to let the designing part of her business go.

She also owned a bridal boutique, Moon and Back Bridal, in Cleveland that stocked independent and mid-sized designers from the US and Canada and loved it. It was joyful, colorful, and fun and she had the best brides in the heartland. As Wed Altered grew, she made the tough choice to let the store go, too. She’s passionate about helping the industry and felt she could do more in Wed Altered and here at DYSB. It was the perfect choice!

Get to know her: When she’s not on her laptop, you’ll find her playing with her 3 boys, their crazy beagle, or watching history shows with her husband, Griffin. In the (somewhat rare) nicer Cleveland weather, they may be in the valley or on the beach. Any book is her happy place.

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