A letter from Meagan's owner/manager

Meagan is my right and left arm here at the store. She is so wonderful and helpful! When brides work with her she makes them feel like they are the only person in this world. Meagan LISTENS to the bride and PROTECTS her through the entire process. The attention and detail she provides to them is astounding. The magic happens with Meagan. The ideas and solutions she comes up with are specifically from the bride’s point of view. She has a special gift for Styling, she can pull out of the bride exactly what she is thinking and then find it in the store. She always makes sure that the bride has her story to tell, during the appointment she helps the bride define her story.

She has mastered all our inventory and constantly helps me find anything I might need! One of the things I love most about her is the creativity when she is working with a bride. She is in LOVE with the challenge of selling a bride!

I also love that Meagan helps the staff with the skills they need to sell better. She is always on the hunt for how to make Charlotte’s into the best store we can be. Not only is she in charge of the Bridal section of our store she is also the Bridesmaid Supervisor. Under her supervision we have GROWN our bridesmaid sales this year! She has a plan for every bride and takes them through the plan. She has increased our package sales and makes sure that the brides are coming back to us for Bridesmaid dresses and Menswear options.

Meagan is also a graphic designer and has worked on our Style Guide to help define Charlotte’s image and branding. She is so talented with all her marketing ideas! She consistently comes up with promotions to help us sell more brides. She is in charge of our Instagram and designs our catalog every year.

I love going through our Google reviews and seeing how many brides she has touched in the years she has worked here. I feel like she is not only qualified to be the stylist of the year she deserves it! She is always going above and beyond for her brides and all the brides in our store.

Jenn Walker

A review from one of Meagan's very own brides:

From Dawn K:
My experience at Charlotte’s Bridal was AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a more personal and professional experience from start to finish! Going into my bridal appointment I was nervous, anxious, and didn’t know what to expect. Would I find my dress, THE dress? Would I have that “bridal moment” that everyone talks about, the one I’ve dreamed of my whole life? My nerves and anxiety were quickly relinquished and subsided after meeting the fabulous Meagan! She put my mind at ease, answered my endless questions, and made my experience at Charlotte’s uniquely mine! She accommodated not only myself as the bride, but my bridal squad as well. She was so friendly, welcoming, uplifting, reassuring, and positive! If you are a future bride looking for the most phenomenal bridal experience, I would definitely recommend Charlotte’s. I will always remember my very memorable experience with them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!