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Strong Leaders never settle.  They search for avenues to stretch, to solidify, and to soar.

Get your dreams out of your “someday” file — and come get the tools to LAUNCH!


Whatever your model, be on the front row to see new ways you can LAUNCH your profitability with new product offerings, formulas to increase margins, ideas for custom experiences and actionable steps to keep more of the money you earn with messaging that builds value in your brand.


Through panels, sessions, roundtables, and one-on-ones explore the entire spectrum of effective marketing avenues that connect and convert YOUR brides. Find the specific platforms with the best ROI on your time and money, and leave with a plan that fuels your unique goals.


Infuse purpose into the very fabric of your business, and create a winning culture of leadership with your team, your brides and your community. Surge ahead with simple tools to empower your team to unify and grow from the inside-out by mastering the art of servant leadership.

Never Settle.  Stretch your mind.  Solidify your purpose. Soar to new heights.  It’s time to LAUNCH.

Conversations - Round Tables - Panels - Breakouts - One-on-Ones - Brainstorms - Runways - Q&As