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In this multi-faceted world of independent wedding businesses , I think we all know that the only thing that is constant is change.  

The ones who last — the ones who build momentum — the ones who defy the odds — THESE are the ones who think outside the box — the ones who stay independent — the ones who refuse to listen to naysayers — the ones who analyze the opinions of others, but make their own decisions — the ones who take ownership of their mistakes and always emerge stronger — the ones who rule with forward motion, and never commiserate — the ones who believe that their success is in their hands, their strength is internal, their voice is their own, and their eyes are always looking ahead — THESE are the ones that will somehow always be launching upward, launching ahead, launching products, and launching ideas from which others can benefit.  They find the secret ways to stay ahead of the curve.  Is this you?  Then you will want to be at LAUNCH.  Is this not you yet?  Then you will want to be at LAUNCH. 

Join us August 4-6, 2019 in Atlanta, GA for a jam packed 3 days of speakers, community, and growth! Learn from some of the greatest in the industry and take your business to the next level!  Grow the Profit, Marketing, and Leadership within your bridal, prom and formal wear boutique!


Signature Video Series

The Do You Speak Bride Signature Video Series is one of our resources specifically for bridal boutiques and it’s quickly becoming and industry known must-have tool to help your consultants improve communication with their brides, and translate that into more and more sales for your store!  

Be prepared to learn the Language of Bride, how to help the bride realize “the sky is the limit”when it comes  to creating her ultimate gown. Whether it is adding sleeves to a gown, a belt or veil, learn how to love the bride, and close the sale. 


Owner of Twirl, Laura Wingfield has this to say:

“I admire Ashleys ability to accept change and to pivot from one idea to the next.  To learn from mistakes and make herself a better stylist.  As well as a better employee, manager, friend and woman.  Her desire to continue to learn and grow whether it is from watching Wendy...or talking to other stylists or owners/managers is something that blows me away.  Any time that i give criticism - Ashley is so receptive to our wishes and feelings.

Ashley is a friend to anyone she meets.  I think that is why the brides relate to her so much!!  She continues to dig deep to learn about brides and to make connections.  But not just a connection...a DEEP, meaningful connection.  I can't say it enough how genuine she is.

My favorite part of watching her work with a bride is the smile on her face and how truthful she is when she tells a bride how Beautiful she is.  She leads her team in such a positive way and wants to help each stylist be able to make deep connections with their brides.”  


introducing - Ashley Gammon: 2019 DYSB Stylist of the YEAR!!


 Stylist Summit


  • Hours of training, exercises, panels, demos and more!

  • Come ready to learn how to navigate every treacherous turn in Bride Country! Navigate the Curves, Mom Mountain, and the Cliffs of the Crowds!

  • Learning Wendy's revolutionary methods of building a team out of a large party, leading the bride, facilitating life moments, and techniques for effective follow-up!

  • Wendy's unique approach to closing brides on their first time in the boutique is a MUST-see for every shoppe owner and stylist!

  • Bring your questions, and enjoy a full hour of Q&A with Wendy, addressing any issue that you are facing in your boutique.

  • New Boutiques and Seasoned Veteran Boutiques alike will come away refreshed, renewed in their vision and re-energized to surge forward in their own personal voice as an independent Bridal Boutique!

  • Leave with a notebook full of information to help you reach your goals, close more brides, and form a culture in your shoppe that you can train any and all of your stylists to be masters of Speaking Bride!