High Volume / Multiple Locations Breakout Session

1. Business by the Numbers

Dig deep into how to calculate operational cost per bride versus acquisition cost per bride - then learn how to use that information to improve your store’s profitability.

2.  Leading Your Leaders

Learn how to navigate from being THE leader, to inspiring a team of leaders who embrace your vision and create a culture of success.

3.  Finding Time to Expand

Until your business doesn’t need you for the day to day tasks, you’re running it rather than owning it.  Four tips to help you get control of your time, giving you the freedom to grow your business. 

4. Confident & Collaborative Buying

Learn how to complete a designer performance analysis in your store.  Then use the information to make strong buying decisions and work in collaboration with your key vendors.

5. Tackling SEO & PPC for Multiple Store Locations

"Learn how to leverage SEO and paid media advertising to your benefit in a multi-store environment by addressing challenges like: defining geographic targets, maximizing search engine rankings across each store's location, splitting advertising budgets appropriately, determining return on ad spend per store, and scaling ad spend to grow each location appropriately.

6. Digital Marketing ROI - Stop the cycle of digital blind spending and see real examples of a marketing spend and HOW to track the performance. Take control; empower yourself to understand digital marketing and reading results.

7. Powerhouse Panel- Q&A panel including owners of multiple stores and multiple business models. Come with all of your questions about expansion!!