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DYSB Signature Video Series

My name is Wendy Rivera, creator of Do You Speak Bride. Our philosophy is in our name; brides have their own language, and it is imperative that we, as stylists, learn it. I am so happy you are here. As bridal stylists, we have the most unique job in the world. We are responsible for creating, facilitating, defining, and protecting life moments.

DYSB Signature Video Training

You are about to enter Bride Country — every bride becomes a citizen the moment she’s engaged, and she will remain here until her wedding day! It’s a country of Celebration, Security, Positivity, and Stories. If we are going to be as effective as possible in connecting with brides and helping them find the dress of their dreams, then it all starts with speaking the same language. Come with me and immerse yourself in the beautifully nuanced language of Bride!