Do You Speak Bride Video Series


Session 1: Entering Bride Country


The Land of Brides is known as Bride Country, and you are about to enter! Let's dive right in and explore the customs, destinations, and most importantly, the language of Bride Country. 

Session 2: Naturalization into Bride Country


Have you ever been to a foreign country, become totally frustrated wth not knowing the language, and then run into someone who speaks English? Brides experience this all the time -- learn how to be that one person who speaks their language! 

Session 3: Every Bride Brings...


Every bride comes into bride country with fears about her perfect day. It is your job to help her see what is truly important! In this session, Wendy gives tips on how to address these fears!

Session  4: There is No Fear in Love


When you are dealing with someone who is bringing fear to the table, how do you respond? In this session, Wendy gives special advice to consultants on how to calm the hearts of your brides and make their day the most memorable of all!

Session  5: Right Questions, Wrong Answers


One of the most important moments for a bride is when you greet them at the door, but what happens next is just as vital. Learn from Wendy in this session how to communicate with brides and keep the thread of emotion going in the right direction!

Session 6: The Language of Positivity


When talking to a bride, nothing is negative! Their dream dress DOES exist and with the language of positivity, you can validate the bride to the point of purchase!

Session 7: Plus size - Navigating the Curves


So what do you do when a plus-sized girl comes in with the fear of whether she will look good or fit into a dress? Wendy helps navigate the curves in this training session!

Session  8a: The Secret Code


We are in Bride Country and Bride Country is relational! Follow Wendy through the "E" Formula to keep from stalling during those bridal appointments!

Session 8b: The Secret Code Continued


We are in Bride Country and Bride Country is relational! Follow Wendy through the "E" Formula to keep from stalling during those bridal appointments!

BONUS Session #1: Beth's Story


Wendy gives a special Behind the Scenes look at Ava Laurenne Bride's Princess Treatment and one special bride, Beth!

BONUS Session #2: Speaking Bride on the Phone


The first greeting with brides is always a celebration! If you are well-versed in the language of bride, you have an open door to connect with brides and keep your appointments!

Session 9: Everyday Vernacular


Bride Country has a language that every shop owner should know! Wendy walks shop owners and consultants through the everyday vernacular that will help you relate to your brides!

Session 10: The Sky is the Limit


When a bride comes in with one idea of a dress, she can feel overwhelmed looking for a needle in a haystack. Wendy has several tricks that will bring your bride outside the box and create exactly what she is looking for!

Session 11: The Language of Love


The language of bride IS the language of love and the journey to finding the perfect dress is similiar to finding the perfect one! Learning this language will help you connect with your bride and ultimately connect her with her perfect gown!

Session 12: A Relational Culture


Why is Bride Country so relational? Whether it's the friend, the aunt, or the grandmother of the bride, it's important that we learn how to see from different perspectives to be able to communicate to the bride and for the bride.

Session 13: Obnoxious Sister Cliff


What do you do when comment after comment from the bride's friend's or family are negative? Wendy will show you how to physically change the circumstances to stay positive and hopeful!

Session 14: Wendy's Favorite Segment


We as created beings are meant to feel and the world needs the gift that is you! With brides, it is important to learn to connect and feel as they are feeling.  

BONUS Session #3: Veil 101


Veils can either be loved or loathed depending on the strategy of the consultant. In this session, Wendy gives tips and tricks to selling any bride on a veil!



Click here to download the 64 page workbook that goes along with each of the video training sessions. Grab a pencil and get ready to learn and fall in love with the language of Bride!!