DYSB Stylist Masterclass

Would you like Wendy to personally train your staff every month??  The Do You Speak Bride Stylist Masterclass is a virtual way for Wendy to visit your boutique and regularly train your stylists to speak Bride like they never have before!  Let your stylists connect and interact with the leading bridal stylist expert in the industry, and build your team AND your bottom line!  Wendy deals with the tough questions your stylists face every day -- how to free a bride to purchase on her first visit, overcoming specific objections, dealing with customer service obstacles, and much, much more!  All sessions are recorded and available for later viewing with your membership!  Energize and inspire your team throughout the year while you build your business to stronger levels than ever before!

Membership runs for 12 months. 

£79/Month for 12 months

Signature Video Training Series

This dynamic video series is quickly becoming one of the most talked about must-have tools to help your consultants improve communication with their brides, and translate that into more and more sales for your store!  

Be prepared to learn the Language of Bride, how to help the bride realize “the sky is the limit”when it comes  to creating her ultimate gown. Whether it is adding sleeves to a gown, a belt or veil, learn how to love the bride, and close the sale. 

Included in the series are fourteen videos that cover a range of topics including: the Mom, the Bridal Party, overcoming the hardest objections, veil tips and sleeves, avoiding phrases that kill the appointment, and the art of mastering the vernacular of Bride Country — and much, much more!

PLUS, you will also receive a sixty-five page workbook to help you and your consultants take specific notes and then dig deeper into this complicated culture and language of “Bride”!! This investment for your shoppe is one that keeps giving back for years and years to come!

Wendy’s unique approach is revolutionizing the industry and will focus your entire staff to understand and master every kind of interaction with Brides — and your business will grow with every application of the principles taught in this series.  

Join us on this amazing adventure as we navigate Bride Country, learn the culture, and master this complicated but beautiful language, we call Speaking Bride!!  

£150/month for 12 months

£1900 Paid in Full

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