Wendy Rivera

Co-Founder: Ava Laurenne Bride

Owner: Do You Speak Bride

Wendy Rivera is a Nationally Recognized Expert in the Bridal Industry, and has exploded onto the scene with Do You Speak Bride!  Wendy is a powerful communicator both on stage and off, and has a passion for helping shoppes learn the very nuanced language of “Bride”.

  • Holding a BA and an MA in Fine Arts, Wendy was the Assistant to the Director at The Academy of Arts for 10 years.

  • She opened Ava Laurenne Bride in 2012, and has proven her methods very strongly in every area of the business. Her Princess Treatment received recognition world-wide when it was featured on TLC.

  • She has spoken at Markets in Atlanta, Dallas, and conferences in Alabama. She will be a featured presenter this October at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Her 2-Day Intensives on location have taken off with an incredible intensity! From Florida to Washington State — from Wisconsin to California — she is busy crisscrossing the country helping shoppes learn how to best help brides find their dream!

  • Her Video Series, “Speaking of Sales” is the first of it’s kind — focusing on the deeper truths and principles of how to understand the perspectives of people, so as to be best prepared to answer objections, lead the appointment, and close the sale with confidence and comfort at the same time. A student of people, Wendy is a keen observer of why they do what they do — and she loves to share every insight with Bridal Shoppes as they seek to create a true experience for brides that will be a forever memory!

Wendy is a writer, director, coach, speaker, counselor, mom and bridal shoppe owner, and is passionate about helping bridal boutiques all over the world to increase every part of their business — and become THE destination in Bride Country!!

Diamond Awards Gala

Industry Achievement Award - presented to Wendy Rivera by AmericasMart

In March, by unanimous decision, Wendy was awarded the Industry Achievement Award at the Diamond Awards Gala. This award is given to an individual, team or company for significant accomplishments for the entire bridal industry.

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