30 Day brand story Breakthrough

In Wedding Country, we are in the business of storytelling. Do you know yours?

wedding business expert wendy

What sets your wedding business apart? I’ve got a secret for you…it’s not “customer service”! I’ve worked with so many bridal stores and wedding pros and they’re unsure about their brand story. They don’t know the reasons behind what they do and why a couple would be dying to work with them. They don’t know their brand voice!

And this matters. A lot.

When you don’t know what defines you and your offer, you default to competing on product and pricing.

You can’t sell the experience…who you are and what you provide. Couples have nothing to latch on to and you can’t grow. You never build the platform to elevate your brand and your business and you can’t bring in the prices or perfect clients you’re dreaming of as you wonder why closing is so darn hard.

It’s a cycle. But it’s one that you can break!

You need to breakthrough and find your story.

What the 30 Day Brand Story Breakthrough Includes:

A Thorough Intake and Audit - We’ll tackle some intake questions and pre-work before our call. Then I'll put together a custom combo of materials and resources for your strategy session and we'll get ready to dive in.

A 90 Minute Power Session - We’ll walk through the process of uncovering the details and emotions behind what makes your brand tick. You’ll find what you need to be able to communicate the experience, service, and soul of what you offer in an engaging way so that clients are excited to say yes.

UNLIMITED Support - I know that all this new information is pointless if you don’t go DO something about it. But putting a whole new you out to the world is a heck of an undertaking! That’s why you have my encouragement and support for 30 days as you launch this awesome new presence and build amazing momentum.

Actionable Steps and Tools - As we work through the system I’ve developed talking to hundreds of wedding business owners, you’ll get all the bits and pieces laid out right in front of you. Everything you need will be right there, on paper, and ready for you to use.

A New Language to Speak - Your story will be there, every time you interact with customers. You’ll be able to put it in your social media marketing. You’ll know what to say when people ask “what do you do.” You’ll have it all ready for when you’re selling, while you’re serving, and to keep in touch with happy clients turned raving fans. You’ll know who you are and you’ll be able to tell it so that everyone wants to be a part of that story, too.


When you know and value your own story,

then you can know and value your clients’ stories!


This, friends, is what branding is. It's the engine. What lets you sell more, get more leads, more word of mouth, more presence.

You’ll leave with clarity on what your individual voice is and how to tell that story so that it brings traffic, closes more sales, and creates more evangelists...more profit, more margin (easier sales is less cost to sell), higher closing ratio, stronger word of mouth - Doesn’t all of that sounds great?!

It's teaching clients how to talk about you. It’s teaching your staff, too. It brings control of marketing back to you because you aren't relying on a platform or a formula or a dollar amount. That's all great and supports this, but the story does the work. The story has to happen first and be the framework that dictates the way the rest are approached. 

I offer this because without building your brand story first, everything else I talk about and teach is useless. From selling to social media, nothing else works without stories. Once you have the stories, you can move on to the other business building things and have it take off like rocket fuel.

It's not about being the loudest, it's about being the most effective.

You need to spend your energy here so that you get a return when you spend your energy everywhere else. Otherwise, all your other tweaks, ads, shows, and gimmicks are just holding a megaphone to a mess of words.

Are you ready?